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The Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre

The Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre is located on the 4th floor of the Beatson building has been designed as a “retreat” for patients and a place of calm which is quite different from the rest of the hospital. 

The Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre is an area for in-patients to come for relaxation, good natured chat, activities, and a good cuppa.  It has been constructed by and is run by the Beatson Cancer Charity and is independent of the main hospital operation. 

The imaginatively designed Centre provides a relaxing and therapeutic environment with complementary non-medical services designed to assist the wellbeing of Beatson patients.  As such it is a very special place which has the full support and encouragement of the medical staff at the Beatson.

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The centre is open from 9am to 10pm and we are open seven days a week.  Each day you can come in and read daily papers, meet other patients, or simple sit in a quiet space.  We can also offer a range of complementary therapies, hair dressing, podiatry etc.  We welcome every visitor and our warm and  friendly staff will be happy to help you and make your stay in hospital that little bit easier. 

All our services and facilities are totally free of charge.

You may use our centre even if you are linked to an intravenous mobile pump machine. 

To contact us you can call: (5)7667 internally or 0141 301 7667 externally. 

The Beatson Cancer Charity exists to enhance the experience, treatment, outcomes and well-being of current and former cancer patients and their families or carers in the broadest possible sense. Working in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the Beatson Cancer Charity funds the development of pioneering treatments, ground breaking techniques and innovative and novel research that will contribute to changing the face of cancer treatment on a local, national and international scale. Significant funding will provide enhanced patient and family support services and facilities, innovative medical equipment, ground-breaking research, further staff training and development as well as additional resources including clinical nurse specialists, radiography, physics and research-based staff.

Our website can be found at where you can find out all about our upcoming fundraising events and activities.

We welcome your support, and the site gives you all the information and resources that you may need if you are considering doing so.

More about the Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre

Please click on the following links to view the amenities at the Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre:

Chillout Areas
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We have various beautiful and peaceful areas throughout the centre where you can go to read a book and get peace and quiet.  They are light and airy and have fantastic views across the west of Glasgow.


Music Areas
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We have state of the art music equipment that will allow you to listen to music of your choosing while enjoying the daylight and beautiful views across the West of Glasgow.  There is no booking system for these facilities, simple come into the centre and we will be glad to help.  These facilities are completely free of charge.

image - patients - friends - cinema

Fancy wiling away an afternoon watching you favorite sport or a film?  We have all five terrestrial channels, sky and Setanta and can offer a selection of films on DVD for you to watch.  There is no booking system, just come along and we will be happy to help you make use of this wonderful facility.  Remember there is no charge for any of our facilities.

Complimentary Therapies
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We offer many therapies that work in compliment with the other treatments in-patient will receive during their stay. 

Our treatments include Reiki, Hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology, even chiropody.  All of these treatments are provided to offer in-patients support during their stay.  They can benefit patients by offering relaxation, pain relief, nausea relief, and help with sleeplessness, support with giving up smoking, soothing aches and pains etc. 

The therapists are highly trained and fully experienced at working with people undergoing clinical treatments.  Remember these treatments are free of charge.  We have an appointment system for these therapies; feel free to book an appointment.  Sometimes, we can also offer these treatments on the ward.

Complimentary Soft Drinks Bar
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We offer all in-patients a great variety of drinks in the hop that something will tempt you as we know that tastes can change during treatments. 

We offer high quality Coffee’s: such as Cappuccino, Espresso, Black/White Regular Coffee, Decaf Cappuccino, Instant Coffee.  Tea’s:  Various Fruit/Herbal Teas, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Decaf Tea.  Cold Drinks:  Diet Coke, Regular Coke, Fruit Juice, Filtered Water and for something different we can offer:  Bovril, Hot Chocolate (with milk or water) or try one of our popular Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Again, these are free of charge to in-patients.  Please try to remember to inform us of any special dietary requirements, thank you.

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There are two computers for in-patient use within the Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre.  They are very up to date with fast broadband connection and are linked to colour printers. 

image - patients - friends - hairdresser

Our highly experienced hairdresser is in our salon two days a week offering in-patient’s this valuable service.  She is experienced at working with people undergoing clinical treatments and can therefore provide you with hair cuts, washes, blow dry’s as well as specialist help with hair loss, scalp care, wig care and general advice. 

This is a very popular service so we have an appointment system, just ask any of our staff and we will be happy to accommodate where we can.  This service can sometimes be offered on the ward too.  We are happy to be able to offer hairdressing free of charge.

Multi-Sensory Enviroscape
image - patients - friends - sensory

This room is situated within the Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre and is a wonderful facility to help in-patients truly ‘get away from it all’. 

The room can show images of nature on its state of the art technology while soft music plays.  It’s an opportunity to be alone and enjoy scenes of nature. 

There is no booking system, just come into the centre and we will be happy to help you make use of the room.  Remember there is no charge for our facilities.