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Welcome to the Macmillan Day Case Unit of the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. Our aim is to make your time in the Day Case Unit as comfortable & relaxed as possible.

The following information is to help you during your visit with us.

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The Macmillan Day Case Unit is located on level one of the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and is opened 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday.

It is a day case unit in which various treatments for different cancers can be given.

If you have been referred to the Macmillan Day Case Unit for treatment here are some key points that hopefully are useful for you.

If you have been referred to the Macmillan Day Case Unit for treatment here are some key points that hopefully are useful for you:

  • Prior to chemotherapy treatment you must always have a blood test carried out. This can be done either at your GP the day before your treatment or at your out patient appointment .  Your nurse/doctor will advise you of this.
  • You may require to attend an out patient appointment one day and have your treatment either the next day or the next. This all depends on the treatment that your doctor has prescribed for you. You will be informed of this on the letter that is sent out to you
  • When you arrive at the Macmillan Day Case Unit you will check in at our reception desk and you can have a seat in our waiting area, where there are some reading materials and a water dispenser
  • You can bring a friend/relative with you on your first visit. It is advised for your other treatments if you could be dropped off and picked up; this is due to the complexity of treatments that are given and for your own safety. Staff in the day case unit will give your friend/relative contact numbers to call to see when you are ready to go home
  • Once your treatment is ready you will be taken through to your treatment area were a team of nurses will look after you. There are 5 different treatment areas within the Macmillan Day Case Unit and your treatment will be given in one of these areas
  • If your treatment requires you to be with us for a long period of time we have volunteer workers within the unit that come round with tea/coffee & sandwiches
  • Once your treatment is finished you can go home, please check with a nurse in your area that you have the correct follow up appointments for your next visit
  • There is always a member of staff around that can help or answer any questions/queries that you may have

Treatment & Side Effects

There are qualified & skilled staff that will discuss side-effects & self care activities with you at your first treatment. This information will also be given to you in writing and this is got from There are also local patient information leaflets that you will receive if it is relevant to your treatment; these can be read/downloaded.

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Macmillan Day Case Unit Staff

The day case unit has a team of qualified & unqualified staff each of which has completed or is in the process of completing appropriate training & education to provide excellent patient care.

Staff work in an area where they are skilled and expert in a particular field of cancer.

General Information

Here is a link to some general information that hopefully will make your visit to us easier.

Key Points of Interest

  • Outpatient Information
  • Outpatient Information

  • When you arrive please book in to the Main Reception which is located just within the entrance to the outpatient department...

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