Lower GI (colon, rectal and anal cancer)

What is Lower GI Cancer?

The term Lower GI Cancer is a general term used to describe:

  • Colon cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Anal cancer
  • Small bowel cancer.
How is lower GI cancer treated?

Common Treatments

The most common treatments for lower GI cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The type of treatment you will receive will depend on your individual circumstances. Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you.

Clinical Trials

Your consultant may also discuss clinical trials with you. More information on clinical trials can be found at

Who will be involved in my care?

There are many different members of staff involved in your care. Including:

Clinical Oncologists

Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving radiotherapy.

Medical Oncologists

Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving drug treatments.


  • Dr Alec Mcdonald
  • Dr Dawn Storey
  • Dr Janet Graham
  • Dr Nick Macleod
  • Dr Tareq Abdullah
  • Dr Séan O’Cathail
  • Prof Richard Wilson
  • Dr Caroline Forde
  • Dr Grainne Dunn
  • Dr Lisa Rodgers
  • Dr Anne Mckillop
  • Dr Nazia Mohammed
  • Dr Alanna Morton
  • Dr Fieke Froeling

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Clinical Nurse Specialist may assess you while you are on treatment and can prescribe chemotherapy and other supportive drugs. They also provide information, advice and support to you as you go through treatment. They will direct you to other sources of help e.g. benefits advice, psychological support.

  • Liz Radford 0141 301 7693
  • Karen Smith 0141 301 7693
  • Wendy Campbell 0141 301 7693

IV Chemotherapy Nurses

They administer chemotherapy in the MacMillan day unit (MDBU)

Therapy Radiographers

They deliver radiotherapy treatment

Gail Marshall – therapy radiographer, works with colorectal clinical nurse specialists and may review you during your radiotherapy treatment to monitor and manage any side effects.

Clinical Trials Nurses

Provide support and information for patients who take part in clinical trials

Out-patient Nursing Staff

You will meet many different members of our nursing staff during your appointments to clinic. They work closely with your doctor and help prepare you for any examinations or tests you may have. They can offer advice, care and treatment on many problems associated with treatment such as radiotherapy skin reactions, open wounds and infections.


Our pharmacies specialise in cancer drug treatment and support our medical and nursing staff in all aspects of chemotherapy and drug prescription. They can offer advice on any questions or concerns about your medications or chemotherapy and any effects they may have.

Where will I be treated?

We hold outpatient clinics at the following hospitals although sometimes treatment may need to be delivered at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.


Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  • Professor Richard Wilson
  • Dr Sean O’Cathail

Stobhill Hospital

  • Professor Richard Wilson
  • Dr Sean O’Cathail

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

  • Dr Alec McDonald
  • Dr Nazia Mohammed

  • Dr Janet Graham

New Victoria Hospital

  • Dr Alec McDonald

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  • Dr Sean O’Cathail

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

  • Dr Lisa Rodgers

  • Dr Tareq Abdullah


  • Dr Grainne Dunn

  • Dr Anne McKillop

  • Dr Caroline Forde


  • Dr Dawn Storey
  • Dr Alanna Morton


  • Dr Nick Macleod

  • Dr Lisa Rodgers 

Meet the Lower GI Team

Dr Alec Mcdonald Dr Alec Mcdonald
Dr Dawn Storey Dr Dawn Storey
Dr Janet Graham Dr Janet Graham
Dr Nick Macleod Dr Nick Macleod
Dr Tareq Abdullah Dr Tareq Abdullah
Dr Anne Mckillop Dr Anne Mckillop
Prof Richard Wilson Prof Richard Wilson
 Dr Lisa Rodgers Dr Lisa Rodgers
Dr Séan O’Cathail Dr Séan O’Cathail
Dr Caroline Forde Dr Caroline Forde
 Dr Grainne Dunn Dr Grainne Dunn
Dr Nazia Mohammed Dr Nazia Mohammed
 Dr Alanna Morton Dr Alanna Morton
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Liz Radford Liz Radford
Karen Smith Karen Smith
Wendy Campbell Wendy Campbell
Therapy Radiographers
Gail Marshall Gail Marshall

Further Information

For further information on signs and symptoms of Lower GI cancer:
www.macmillan.org.uk (colon)
www.macmillan.org.uk (rectal)
www.macmillan.org.uk (anal)

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