Endometrial Cancer

What is Endometrial Cancer?

Endometrial cancer is when cells in the lining of your uterus (womb) grow in an uncontrolled way and form a tumour. We don’t know what causes endometrial cancer. But we do know that it is influenced by your age, lifestyle and family history.

How is endometrial cancer treated?

The most common treatments for endometrial cancer are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. You may also be offered hormone treatment. The type of treatment you receive will depend on your individual circumstances. Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you.

You can find useful information at Macmillan

We are keen to improve endometrial cancer care by recruiting to clinical trials. If you are suitable for a trial, your team will discuss this with you. More information on trials can be found at Cancer Research UK

Who’ll be involved in my care?

There are many different members of staff involved in your care.

Clinical Oncologists

Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving radiotherapy and drug treatments:

  • Dr Azmat Sadozye
  • Dr Rosie Harrand: 0141 301 7059
  • Dr Kathryn Graham: 0141 301 7129
  • Dr Ashleigh Kerr
  • Professor Nick Reed.

Gynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialists

They can provide information, advice and support to you as you go through treatment and direct you to help from other sources if needed e.g. benefits, Macmillan grants, and psychological support services.

  • Rosie McCahill: 0141 301 7615

IV Chemotherapy Nurses

IV chemotherapy nurses give chemotherapy in out-patient chemotherapy units.

Clinical Trials Nurses

Clinical trials nurses provide support and information for you if you take part in clinical trials.

Out-patient Nursing Staff

You will meet many different members of our nursing staff during your appointments to clinic. They work closely with your doctor and help prepare you for any examinations or tests you may have. They can offer advice, care and treatment on many problems associated with treatment such as radiotherapy skin reactions, open wounds and infections.


Our pharmacies specialise in cancer drug treatment and support our medical and nursing staff in all aspects of chemotherapy and drug prescription. They can offer advice on any questions or concerns about your medications or chemotherapy and any effects they may have.

Where will I be treated?

We hold outpatient clinics in the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and the New Stobhill hospital.

Your chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment will be given in the Beatson. Sometimes you will need to be admitted to a ward at the Beatson for treatment – this will usually be ward B5.


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