Meet the Breast Cancer Team

 Meet the people who will look after you during your treatment and recovery.

Abdullah Alhasso Abdullah Alhasso
Graeme Lumsden Graeme Lumsden
Husam Marashi Husam Marashi
Ian Macpherson Ian Macpherson
Jonathan Hicks Jonathan Hicks
Judith Fraser Judith Fraser
Lucy Scott Lucy Scott
Maria Martinez Maria Martinez
Rosemary Stevens  Rosemary Stevens 
Sarah Slater Sarah Slater
Sophie Barrett Sophie Barrett
Tareq Abdullah Tareq Abdullah
Manreet Randhawa Manreet Randhawa
Diana Ritchie Diana Ritchie
Stefan Nowicki Stefan Nowicki
Iffat Rabnawaz Iffat Rabnawaz
Clinical Nurse Specialists/Nurse Practitioners
Lynne Stirling Lynne Stirling
Pauline McIlroy  Pauline McIlroy 
Glenna Hamilton Glenna Hamilton
Vicky Evans Vicky Evans
Clinical Trials Coordinators
Shilpar Thapar  Shilpar Thapar 
Victoria Withers  Victoria Withers 
Research Nurse
Audrey Leonard Audrey Leonard
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