Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is when cells in your breast grow in an uncontrolled way and form a tumour. It is one of the most common cancers in Scotland. Breast cancer mainly affects women but men can also get it, although this is rare. We don’t know what causes breast cancer. But we do know that it is influenced by your age, lifestyle and family history.  

How is breast cancer treated?

Common Treatments

The most common treatments for breast cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. The type of treatment you receive will depend on your individual circumstances. Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you.

You can find a good explanation of treatment choices at Breast Cancer Now.

You can also find useful information at Macmillan.

Clinical Trials

We are keen to improve breast cancer care by recruiting to clinical trials. If you are suitable for a trial, your team will discuss this with you. More information on trials can be found at Cancer Research UK.

Who’ll be involved in my care?

There are many different members of staff involved in your care. Including:

Clinical Oncologists

Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving radiotherapy.

Medical Oncologists

Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving drug treatments.

Breast Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialists (ACNS)  / Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)

Based in oncology, they provide information, advice and support to you as you go through treatment and direct you to help from other sources if needed eg: benefits, Macmillan grants, psychological support services.

They assess you while you are on treatment and prescribe chemotherapy and other supportive drugs you might need.

  • Pauline McIlroy, ACNS, 0141 301 7636
  • Glenna Hamilton, ACNS, 0141 301 7636
  • Lynne Stirling, ANP 0141 301 7636
  • Vicky Evans, ANP 0141 301 7258

IV Chemotherapy Nurses

Give chemotherapy in out-patient chemotherapy units and assess you for treatment so you only need to see medical staff at set times or if any problems arise.

Therapy Radiographers

Therapy Radiographers provide information, advice and support to patients having radiotherapy, help plan the radiotherapy and review you during radiotherapy with the nurse specialist staff to see how you are coping and to monitor side effects.

  • Anne Armstrong, Consultant Breast Radiographer
  • Karen Aitken, Specialist Breast Radiographer
  • Fiona Sinclair, Senior Radiographer

Clinical Trials Nurses

Clinical trials nurses provide support and information for patients who take part in clinical trials.

Out-patient Nursing Staff

You will meet many different members of our nursing staff during your appointments to clinic. They work closely with your doctor and help prepare you for any examinations or tests you may have. They can offer advice, care and treatment on many problems associated with treatment such as radiotherapy skin reactions, open wounds and infections.


Our pharmacies specialise in cancer drug treatment and support our medical and nursing staff in all aspects of chemotherapy and drug prescription. They can offer advice on any questions or concerns about your medications or chemotherapy and any effects they may have.

Where will I be treated?

We hold outpatient clinics in the following hospitals:

  • Beatson West of Scoltand Cancer Centre
  • New Stobhill Hospital
  • New Victoria Hospital
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital and Inverclyde
  • Vale of Leven
  • Lanarkshire
  • Forth Valley
  • Ayr
Who can I get in touch with about my treatment?

Contact details for clinicians involved in your care are listed below:

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

  • Dr Iain Macpherson: 0141 301 7128
  • Dr Judith Fraser: 0141 301 7125
  • Dr Rosemary Stevens: 0141 301 7127
  • Dr Sophie Barrett: 0141 301 7128

New Stobhill Hospital

  • Dr Sophie Barrett: 0141 301 7128
  • Dr Stefan Nowicki: 0141 301 7000

New Victoria Hospital

  • Dr Lucy Scott
  • Dr Diana Ritchie: 0141 301 7130
  • Dr Grainne Dunn: 0141 301 7145

Royal Alexandra Hospital and Inverclyde

  • Dr Abdullah Alhasso: 0141 301 7126
  • Dr Iffat Rabnawaz: 0141 301 7261

Vale of Leven

  • Dr Iffat Rabnawaz: 0141 301 7261


  • Dr Jonathan Hicks: 0141 301 7123
  • Dr Sarah Slater
  • Dr Tareq Abdulla: 0141 301 7121

Forth Valley

  • Dr Judith Fraser: 0141 301 7125
  • Dr Husam Marashi: 0141 301 7129


  • Dr Lucy Scott: 0141 301 7127
  • Dr Graeme Lumsden: 0141 301 7130

Meet the Breast Team

Dr Abdullah Alhasso Dr Abdullah Alhasso
Dr Graeme Lumsden Dr Graeme Lumsden
Dr Husam Marashi Dr Husam Marashi
Dr Ian Macpherson Dr Ian Macpherson
Dr Jonathan Hicks Dr Jonathan Hicks
Dr Judith Fraser Dr Judith Fraser
Dr Lucy Scott Dr Lucy Scott
Dr Leena Mukherjee Dr Leena Mukherjee
Dr Rosemary Stevens  Dr Rosemary Stevens 
Dr Sarah Slater Dr Sarah Slater
Dr Sophie Barrett Dr Sophie Barrett
Dr Tareq Abdullah Dr Tareq Abdullah
Dr Diana Ritchie Dr Diana Ritchie
Dr Stefan Nowicki Dr Stefan Nowicki
Dr Iffat Rabnawaz Dr Iffat Rabnawaz
Dr Cicely Cunningham Dr Cicely Cunningham
Clinical Nurse Specialists/Nurse Practitioners
Lynne Stirling Lynne Stirling
Pauline McIlroy  Pauline McIlroy 
Glenna Hamilton Glenna Hamilton
Vicky Evans Vicky Evans
Debbie Brotherston Debbie Brotherston
Clinical Trials Coordinators
Shilpar Thapar  Shilpar Thapar 
Victoria Withers  Victoria Withers 
Research Nurse
Audrey Leonard Audrey Leonard

For further information on Breast Cancer

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