Ward B2

About the ward

Ward B2 specialises in urology, gastrointestinal and neuroendocrine.

The ward has 26 beds, made up of single rooms, 2 bedded rooms and 4 bedded rooms. The ward is mixed-sex. If you have to share a room you will share with someone of your own gender.

Contact numbers
  • Senior Charge Nurse, Linda Macdonald: 0141 301 7610
How to find us

Enter the hospital from the main entrance. Go through the main reception hall past Aroma Cafe, turn left to the lift hall. Take the lifts to the 2nd floor. On leaving the lift go through the double doors and turn left. Ward B2 is the 2nd ward on this floor on your right-hand side.

There is an intercom at the entrance to the ward, if you press the button the receptionist or nursing staff will open the doors to let you into the ward.

Who’ll be looking after you


  • Prof Jeff Evans
  • Prof Rob Jones
  • Dr Bala Venugopal
  • Dr Jan Wallace
  • Dr Nick McLeod
  • Dr Azmat Sadozye
  • Dr David McIntosh
  • Dr Janet Graham
  • Dr Derek Gross
  • Dr Alec McDonald
  • Dr Clinton Ali

Senior Charge Nurse

  • Linda Macdonald

Deputy Charge Nurse

  • Claire Bell

Meet the teams

Information on other wards

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