What is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way to form a tumour in the lung and may spread to lymph nodes or other places in the body. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Scotland. Around 4,500 people are diagnosed in Scotland each year. More than 40 out of 100 people diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK are aged 75 and older.

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How is lung cancer treated?

Treatment for lung cancer is individual for any patient depending upon the type and extent of the cancer and there person’s medical condition.

Treatments include:


This is sometimes given after an operation to improve the success of the surgery. It is also used in patients where disease has spread within the body to slow down the progress of the cancer.


Radiotherapy (treatment with X-rays) This may be used either before or after an operation to improve the success of the surgery. In patients who are unable to have an operation high dose radiotherapy may be given sometimes with chemotherapy. In some cases radiotherapy in low doses is used to alleviate specific symptoms caused by the cancer. Your consultant will discuss treatment options with you.

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Clinical Trials

Research studies involving people and their particular treatment are called clinical trials. The Beatson Clinical Trial Unit co-ordinates these trials with some 70-100 trials running at one time. If you are suitable for clinical trial your team will discuss this with you.

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Who will be involved in my care?

There are many different members of staff involved in your care including:

Clinical and Medical Oncologists

  • Doctors specialising in the treatment of cancer involving systemic anti-cancer treatment and radiotherapy
  • Clinical oncologists treat with radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • Medical oncologists treat with chemotherapy.

Advanced Lung Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Louise MacLean 0141 301 7601
  • Lucy Dornan 0141 301 7598

The nurse specialists are trained and experienced in lung cancer, and work in close partnership with all the team at the Beatson. They can offer practical and emotional support to help you cope with any physical or emotional difficulties you may experience. They can link with other services that may be useful to you and your family, such as psychological support services, counselling, benefits, Macmillan grants and occupational therapy.

They can assess you during treatment and can prescribe chemotherapy and other medication you may require.

IV Chemotherapy Nurses

Administers chemotherapy in outpatient chemotherapy units.

IV nurses are specially trained to administer chemotherapy. They will also advise you on the affects you may have and how best to cope with them. Chemotherapy is often given in our wards, but most patients are able to have it as an outpatient either in our Macmillan day ward area at the Beatson.


Radiographers are trained in the planning and delivery of radiotherapy treatment. It is radiographers who staff the radiotherapy treatment machines if you are receiving treatment. Specialist radiographers assist in planning and overseeing treatment and the lung cancer team has dedicated radiographers with specific experience in lung cancer treatment.

  • Karen Moore, Consultant Radiographer: 0141 301 7421
  • Kirsty James, Radiographer 
  • Margaret Omand, Radiographer

They will help plan your radiotherapy and review you during radiotherapy with nurse specialist staff to monitor side effects.

Clinical Trial Nurse

Provide support and information for patients who take part in clinical trials.

Out-patient Nursing Staff

You will meet many different members of our nursing staff during your appointments to clinic. They work closely with your doctor and help prepare you for any examinations or tests you may have. They can offer advice, care and treatment on many problems associated with treatment such as radiotherapy skin reactions, open wounds and infections.


Our pharmacies specialise in cancer drug treatment and support our medical and nursing staff in all aspects of chemotherapy and drug prescription. They can offer advice on any questions or concerns about your medications or chemotherapy and any effects they may have.

Where will I be treated?

We hold outpatient clinics in the following hospitals:

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  • Dr Brian Clark0141 301 7145
  • Dr Nazia Mohammed0141 301 7121

Gartnavel General Hospital

  • Dr Noelle O’Rourke: 0141 301 7120
  • Dr Graeme Lumsden0141 301 7130

New Victoria Hospital

  • Dr Jonathan Hicks0141 301 7126
  • Dr Nicola Steele 0141 301 7118


  • Dr Stephen McKay0141 301 7118
  • Dr Vivienne MacLaren0141 301 7145
  • Dr Clinton Ali0141 301 7118

Inverclyde Hospital

  • Dr Rosie Harrand: 0141 301 7059

Forth Valley Royal

  • Dr Nicola Steele0141 301 7118
  • Dr Ben Fulton0141 301 7131

Ayrshire and Arran

  • Dr Brian Clark0141 301 7145
  • Dr Carrie Featherstone0141 301 7119

Meet the Lung Team

Dr Almudena Cascales Dr Almudena Cascales
Dr Brian Clark Dr Brian Clark
Dr Nicola Steele Dr Nicola Steele
Dr Noelle O'Rourke Dr Noelle O'Rourke
Dr Vivienne Maclaren Dr Vivienne Maclaren
Dr Graeme Lumsden Dr Graeme Lumsden
Dr Jonathan Hicks Dr Jonathan Hicks
Dr Clinton Ali Dr Clinton Ali
Dr Ben Fulton Dr Ben Fulton
Dr Rosie Harrand Dr Rosie Harrand
Dr Nazia Mohammed Dr Nazia Mohammed
Dr Stephen McKay Dr Stephen McKay
Dr Carrie Featherstone Dr Carrie Featherstone
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Lucy Dornan Lucy Dornan
Louise MacLean Louise MacLean

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