Clinical Psychology

It is common to struggle with a diagnosis of cancer, the treatments and the after-effects. A diagnosis of cancer and all that it involves can be frightening and sometimes people need extra support to cope with this. Many health professionals are trained to offer psychological support and there are lots of other cancer-related services that also offer emotional support.

There may be difficulties around mood, including depression, anxiety, panic or anger. Some people have problems in relationships or struggle with the impact of having cancer and the side-effects of treatment. 

The Clinical Psychology Team are based at the Beatson and work with doctors, nurses and other health professionals to support you through your cancer treatment.

They use ‘talking therapies’ to help you understand how you are feeling and manage any problems.

Psychologists can also help you link in with your GP or another doctor if medication for anxiety, depression, or other problems are required.

They will see people with any cancer diagnosis and are available at diagnosis, during treatment or afterward. If your nurse or doctor thinks it would be helpful for you to see them, they will discuss this with you and make a referral. Or you can ask your team about a referral if you think this would be helpful.

They also work closely with the Beatson Counselling Service to make sure they match people to the right service.

What happens when I am referred?

Your first visit will be for assessment. You will be asked questions to help them understand how they can best help you. They will ask about your diagnosis and treatment so far, and about your life more generally. They will work with you to plan your therapy sessions.

For the first session, they can see you alone or with a partner, family member or friend.

At the end of that first session, the psychologist will make a plan with you about what the next steps might be. 

Further information

Both Macmillan and Cancer Research have useful information:

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