The Macmillan Team

Meet the team who'll be looking after you during your treatment.

Macmillan Information & Support Centre Manager
Tricia Tierney Tricia Tierney
Anne Paterson Anne Paterson
Moira Leslie Moira Leslie
Joyce Wright Joyce Wright
Kathryn Keatings Kathryn Keatings
Hazel McKenna Hazel McKenna
Sarah Hardy Sarah Hardy
Joanne Taggart Joanne Taggart
Ellen Tonner Ellen Tonner
Ellen Foley Ellen Foley
Helen Gunnion Helen Gunnion
Macmillan Benefits Advisors
Margaret Spiers Margaret Spiers
Joe Goldie Joe Goldie
Elaine Millar Elaine Millar
Rachel Gallagher Rachel Gallagher
Pauline Irvine Pauline Irvine
Brenda Allan Brenda Allan
Macmillan Housing Project Manager
Karen Stewart Karen Stewart
Holistic Needs Assessor
Lynn Thomson Lynn Thomson
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