Meet the Urology Team

Meet the team who'll be looking after you during your treatment and recovery.

Dr Nicholas MacLeod Dr Nicholas MacLeod
Dr Norma Sidek Dr Norma Sidek
Dr Maria Martinez Dr Maria Martinez
Dr Abdulla Alhasso Dr Abdulla Alhasso
Dr Almudena Cascales Dr Almudena Cascales
Dr Jeff White Dr Jeff White
Dr Asita Waterston Dr Asita Waterston
Dr Balaji Venugopal Dr Balaji Venugopal
Dr Sarah Slater Dr Sarah Slater
Dr Rob Jones Dr Rob Jones
Dr Hilary Glen Dr Hilary Glen
Dr Stephen McKay Dr Stephen McKay
Dr Carolynn Lamb Dr Carolynn Lamb
Dr Azmat Sadozye Dr Azmat Sadozye
Dr Ashleigh Kerr Dr Ashleigh Kerr
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Gail Buchanan Gail Buchanan
Fiona Birrell Fiona Birrell
Mhairi Thomson Mhairi Thomson
Laura Blair Laura Blair
Marie Pringle Marie Pringle
Julie Cain Julie Cain
Elizabeth Norman Elizabeth Norman
Nicola Thomson Nicola Thomson


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