Cancer Older Peoples Service (COPS)

What is the Cancer Older Peoples Service (COPS)?

COPS works alongside your oncology team.  We are a team of geriatricians and specialist nurses dedicated to ensuring that older adults with cancer live as independently and actively as possible, with the best quality of life. 

We work with your oncology team to ensure that you can access the most suitable cancer treatments to meet your needs, and work to ensure that your other health care needs (other than cancer) are optimised as much as possible, no matter the stage that you are at in your cancer journey.

Who will be involved in your care?

2 geriatricians work in the team, Dr Kirsty Colquhoun and Dr Pamela Seenan.  A geriatrician is a hospital doctor who specialises in looking after older adults and the health problems they may have.

2 nurses work full time in COPS.  Donna Kelly and Tracy Downey.  Donna Kelly previously worked in haematology and Tracy Downey in general oncology.  As well as having a vast experience in cancer care they are specifically trained in looking after older adults with cancer.

The COPS team works closely with other health professionals in the hospital setting.  This includes: Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and dieticians; other medical staff such as oncologists and palliative care doctors; as well as other teams who can improve your health and wellbeing such as the pastoral support service and pharmacists. 

COPS will liaise with our colleagues in the community in order to support you and your loved ones at home, such as the community rehabilitation teams.

What Can the Cancer Older Peoples Service Do For You?

The team delivers comprehensive geriatric assessment to those patients who are over 65, with cancer, that would benefit from this service.  This is an evidence based process that maximises overall health by optimising any physical, psychosocial or functional problems you may have.  Some of the specific things we can help with are:

- Improving your mobility and reducing falls.
- Helping with any memory or mood problems.
- Optimizing any co morbidities (other health problems) you have.
- Polypharmacy management (optimizing your medications)
- Nutrition.
- Improving your functional abilities, for e.g. helping you to be as safe and independent as possible with tasks that you want to do.
- Accessing other services such as rehabilitation, financial support, and a dedicated support network.

Where Will You Be Treated?

The team may see you:

  • In a ward in the Beatson while you are an inpatient.
  • As an outpatient in our dedicated clinic.
  • At one of your oncology clinics.
  • We would be delighted to see you at our Older Adults Cancer Support Group at the Maggies Centre.
  • Our nursing team can support you and your loved ones via phone.
  • You can contact us on 0141-301-7137 or Email :


Meet the COPS team

Dr Pamela Seenan Dr Pamela Seenan
Dr Kirsty Colquhoun Dr Kirsty Colquhoun
Oncology Elderly Liaison Nurses
Tracy Downey Tracy Downey
Donna Kelly Donna Kelly


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