Head & Neck

What is Head & Neck Cancer?

“Head and Neck Cancer” includes cancers of the mouth, nose, throat, sinuses, saliva glands and voice box (larynx). The symptoms these cancers cause depend on the type of cancer, but difficulty eating or speaking, or a lump in the face or neck are common symptoms.  Doctors use biopsies (taking a small sample of the cancer) and scans to find out the cancer type, where it affects, and to decide on the best treatment plan.

How is Head & Neck Cancer treated?

Common Treatments

The treatment plan made for each person depends on the type of cancer, where the cancer is affecting and the health of the person being treated. Common treatments for head and neck cancer include

Surgery – an operation to remove the cancer
Radiotherapy – x-ray treatment to shrink and kill the cancer cells, or to help with symptoms (e.g. pain or bleeding)
Chemotherapy – drug treatment to either stabilise or shrink the cancer, or to make radiotherapy work better
Immunotherapy – drug treatment to boost the body’s immune system to shrink the cancer

You can find useful information at:
Macmillan Cancer Support
Cancer Research UK

Who’ll be involved in my care?

Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialists (ACNS)

Our experienced CNSs support patients throughout their head and neck cancer treatment journey. They will help with symptoms and side effects.

They will also help with the emotional, financial and other effects of having cancer and its treatment.

Frances Campbell ACNS 0141 301 7589
Julie Tyczynski ACNS 0141 301 7588

Advanced Practitioner Head and Neck Radiographer

Our experienced head and neck radiographer helps support the therapy radiographers (see below) in giving and monitoring your radiotherapy. They also have specialist knowledge of what symptoms and side effects to expect and how to deal with them.

Lisa Hay AP Head and Neck Radiographer 0141 301 9901

Other team members

Specialist pharmacist – prescribes and supports drug treatment including chemotherapy
Therapy radiographers – give radiotherapy (xray) treatment and provide support
Speech and language therapist – assess and manage problems with speaking and swallowing
Dietitian – support for feeding and nutrition through treatment



Where will I be treated?

The Beatson Head and Neck Cancer Team

Having head and neck cancer treatment can be a difficult time. It needs the support of a large team, each with different skills.

• Clinical oncologist – senior doctor specialising in radiotherapy and drug treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy etc)

North Glasgow Team

– includes patients from Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Forth Valley (clinic – Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre)
• Dr D Grose - 0141 301 7070
• Dr C Paterson - 0141 301 7066
• Dr C Wilson - 0141 301 7131

South Glasgow Team

– includes patients from Glasgow, Clyde and Ayrshire and Arran (clinic – Queen Elizabeth University Hospital)
• Dr A James - 0141 301 7069
• Dr C Lamb - 0141 301 7060
• Dr S Schipani - 0141 301 7060
• Dr I Nixon - 0141 301 7129

Meet the Head & Neck Team

Dr Stefano Schipani Dr Stefano Schipani
Dr Ioanna Nixon Dr Ioanna Nixon
Dr Stefan Nowicki Dr Stefan Nowicki
Dr Allan James Dr Allan James
Dr Derek Grose Dr Derek Grose
Dr Christina Wilson Dr Christina Wilson
Dr Claire Paterson Dr Claire Paterson
Dr Carolynn Lamb Dr Carolynn Lamb
Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialists
Frances Campbell Frances Campbell
Advanced Practitioner Head and Neck Radiographer
Lisa Hay Lisa Hay

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